The tourists on Rhand were Starcaste and Landcaste elite. They were men and women of influence and power, who traveled from all parts of known space to relax and enjoy this beautiful planet. They generally travelled with large entourages, which included their servants and bodyguards.

During the invasion, many of Rhand's resorts and tourist facilities were too small to be targeted for Spectral bombardment or viral attack. Many have come through the invasion essentially intact. Complexes whose local time corresponded to business hours when the Spectrals initially attacked and destroyed the ORCA satellites had Bondsmen workers, Landcaste Managers, and Starcaste and Landcaste Tourists there. After the invasion, many of the Bondsmen and Landcaste left the resorts trying to get back to their families, and some groups of Tourists also fled. Conflicts and fighting over ground vehicles at these facilities was common, as various groups tried to get to the nearest Spaceport. The smartest probably stayed behind. They have tried to organize themselves and prepare for the eventual attack by outside elements. Many of these resorts were well stocked and will be the targets of any force which can get to them.

Resorts whose local time was during off hours at the time of the invasion will be populated by off hours workers and a few Tourists. These facilities are currently held by these people, possibly after settling a few internal power struggles. These resorts are prime targets for outside groups seeking food and shelter. Most are well stocked, and because of the off hour crowds, sparsely defended. At many the first signs of cooperation among Bondsmen, Landcaste, and Starcaste is developing. As they become aware of the conditions in the world, they realize the blessings they have and the mutual cooperation they need to hold them.

Not all the Tourists were caught in the large tourist attractions. Others were in small groups camping, enjoying a secluded mountain cabin, or exploring Rhand's virgin wilderness. Now these groups find themselves isolated. Many included Bondsmen guides and workers. Most groups have tried to wait out the Apocalypse, staying put for as long as the food and hope for rescue held. As time has passed and the food has run low, they too have had to strike out and join the thousands seeking food and shelter. At first the Bondsmen's actions in these groups will be governed by the assumption that rescue will come and the status quo will be maintained. As this becomes less likely, they may reevaluate their status and position in the group. Many groups may work out their social problems and come out of this as close teams. Their lives depend on each other, and they have just begun to face the challenges that lay ahead.