Subcons are minor members of the Starguild. They were present in great numbers on Rhand, serving its power generation, communications, and trade industries. The Subcons varied in size and rank, but all maintained the distinction which made them Starcaste; they had Stardrive technology and a Starforce. What made them minor members was the fact that they had to pay the Senior members to maintain this technology, and could not produce it themselves.

Subcons ran small manufacturing and support facilities throughout Rhand, with small communities built up around them. The Subcons were responsible for producing much of Rhand's Starcaste technology, the restricted items that only the Starcaste could handle. There was a very wide variety of these items, ranging from Grav vehicle fuel to high-tech components to Power Generators and Power Relay Systems. As Subcons manufactured items using technology available only to the Starcaste, their plants and communities were under tight security. Most Subcon personnel grew up with this lifestyle, and to them it was natural to live in small communities behind a wall of security. They were protected, isolated, and enjoyed a rich lifestyle.

All this ended with the Spectral invasion. Subcon communities came under heavy Spectral bombardment. As these communities were densely packed to minimize their security zones, few civilians survived the bombardment. Those who did found their world shattered. Today, Subcon survivors join the ranks of refugees and marauders. Few of their communities survived the bombardment, and those that did find their ranks torn by Visser elements, the victims of biological attacks.

Subcon Starforces have largely given up trying to hold their communities. They have broken up into small survival groups and are moving out to find safe haven.