The Spectrals do not seek overt conflict and traditional conquest. They are instead very subtle, and are content to attain their goals over the long run. To further their plans, Spectrals use others to meet their needs. As mentioned on the Spectrals page, Pathfinders have great telepathic powers, and can contact certain people thousands of miles away.

These people, called Pawns, tend to be those seeking power to the exclusion of all else, people whose souls are lost in the pursuit of destructive dreams. Vissers are ideal for this purpose, since the viral attack did more than destroy their ability for higher social interactions; it actually amplified their psychic ability. It has not been improved to the extent that they can use it consciously, but has been raised enough for the Spectral Pathfinders to easily contact and influence them. Once a Pawn is contacted and has accepted the guidance and aid of the Spectrals, he and his followers are armed from Spectral arms stores and provided with superior reconnaissance.

This reconnaissance takes the following form. A Warrior or other Spectral hides near the Pawn and keeps him informed about groups moving within his area, by use of the Spectral life sense. Likewise, the Spectral can filter the intentions of groups within a 15 mile radius and pick up any threats or intents to harm the Pawn. This early warning and recon system makes a Pawn a powerful enemy.

To add to this power, the Pathfinder boosts the Pawn's natural leadership and command ability; not in a way any sane man would respect, but in a way that is particularly appealing to Vissers and other destructive elements. While normal Visser bands are never large, Spectral-backed Vissers can command very large forces. These forces are organized, destructive, and by normal standards crazed.