Gregor, Black Sword Dragon

Gregor, Black Sword DragonEdit

Gregor is one of the most enigmatic 7s personalities in the Living Steel canon.

No doubt an exceptional warrior, Gregor served as The Dark Rider for a nameless corporation on the backwater planet Menreuth. The Black Rider's task was to collect a yearly thithe for the corporation, which was a child from every village or settlement on the planet. The purpose was then to train and sell the surviving children as a sort of Gladiators, mainly for BrutalVision. The children, once collected, would have to survive unaided the trip around the wilds with the Black Rider as he progressed through his yearly voyage. Menreuth is a low-tech planet, with most of the societies being violent and aggressive. One community called the Maecenea, however, had a culture much like that of the 7s. Gregor managed to infiltrate the corporation and gain the position of the Dark Rider in order to save as many of the Maecenea children as possible, and later making sure they would be spared a harsh life as gladiators and bought by s4 agents. In his position he was able to modify the children's papers as to not attract attention to his real mission. These saved children later often served as s4 agents, bodyguards or elite soldiers in the 7s.

Niki, Sol and Darrantz are s4 agents saved by the Black Rider.

Gregor's latest assignment is on Rhand, where he is currently tracking down an escaped group of BrutalVision gladiators, led by the psychotic Braxudrev.

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